How To Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bug

Have you seen an increase in boxelder bugs in and around your Pacific Northwest home?

Similar to any other pest infestation, boxelder bugs aren’t a welcome sight for any homeowner. Keeping a pest-free space is a universal desire shared by homeowners.

As the summer weather transitions to colder temperatures, boxelder bugs search for a place to hide through the winter months. Fall is the ideal time in Washington and Oregon to ensure your home is equipped to prevent boxelder bug infestations.

Where Are Boxelder Bugs Found In The PNW?

Maple, Ash, and Elder trees are boxelder bugs’ preferred outdoor homes. Likely due to the number of trees found throughout the area, Boxelder bugs are frequently seen in the western United States including the Seattle and Portland Metro Areas.

Group of boxelder bugs

Boxelder bugs spend their time outdoors in the summer and spring. To avoid the cold in the winter, they adventure into residential spaces. As a homeowner, you should take preventive measures in the later summer and early fall to prepare for the colder months.

You may not encounter a boxelder bug infestation in the fall months, however, they will be making their way into homes as temperatures drop. These clustering bugs will most likely be found in your house from December through the beginning of June.

How do these little nuisance pests get into your home? Like most small pests, they infiltrate your home’s structure through small crevices and cracks. From there, they’ll make their way into wall voids and attics. 

Outside of your home, you may also find boxelder bugs in your garage or garden shed.

How To Identify Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs’ stark appearance makes them easy to identify. Their bodies are black with bright orange and red markings. Once adults, boxelder bugs develop a semi-flattened and elongated oval body shape. Their body is about a half-inch long, they have six legs, and they have two antennae that span half their body length.

Boxelder Bug

Interestingly enough, boxelder bugs are known to leave red stains on cloth items such as curtains, rugs, and clothes. Seeing red stains on home items near the floor and walls may signal you need boxelder bug control. 

If you find signs of boxelder bugs in your home or notice an uptick of pests on your property, contact trusted pest control professionals like the Pest Pros team to rid your home of boxelder bugs and provide recommendations on how to prevent future infestations.

Are Boxelder Bugs A Threat To My House?

Boxelder bugs are no major threat to your home. So, if you’ve noticed signs of a cluster of these bugs in your house – do not panic. Boxelder bugs won’t cause any structural damage and they don’t typically bite humans or animals. 

Boxelder bugs don’t mate and reproduce while hibernating, so the fear of the infestation multiplying is less of a concern. 

However, if you step on a boxelder bug, it will release a foul odor and can leave potent stains on your floor or carpet. Furthermore, they leave feces stains on surfaces. Boxelder bugs are known to cluster together through hibernation which means your home could have a whole group of unwanted visitors for the winter.

Although boxelder bug infestations aren’t the worst infestation homeowners may face – they should still be taken care of to ensure your home is protected from germs and further pest infestations.

Dealing With A Boxelder Bug Infestation

When you see boxelder bugs around your home, you will want to avoid crushing these bugs to get rid of them. If you notice an increase in boxelder bugs roaming around your home, they may be looking to enter or leave your home depending on the time of year.

DIY Solutions To Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs

  • Use a vacuum to remove boxelder bugs from your home and remove them from the vacuum bag immediately
  • Use a natural soap spray to rid the bugs from your home
  • Avoid using insecticides to eliminate boxelder bugs from your home

On top of that, pesticides could potentially harm children and non-targeted wildlife such as pets and pollinating insects. 

Each of these DIY tips acts as a temporary solution and does not provide long-lasting results. To ensure you rid your home of boxelder bugs, contact a professional pest control company for boxelder bug control.

Furthermore, you will want to prevent future boxelder bug infestations. One of the best ways to prevent pests from entering your home is to ensure your door and window cracks are sealed.

Seal Up Door And Window Cracks

  • Seal holes and cracks outside your home including vent openings and window screens.
  • Weatherstrip your windows and doors.

Boxelder bugs are small enough to get into even the tiniest hole. Ensure that even the smallest cracks are sealed properly.

Call Pest Pros For Boxelder Bug Control

Pest Pros has a team of reliable, licensed, and friendly professionals who know each pest problem is unique. We always provide a tailored, permanent solution to meet each customer’s needs, ensuring your infestation is short-lived.

If you need help removing boxelder bugs from your home or preventing future infestations, contact Pest Pros today or request a free estimate.