What To Do If You Have Mice In The Attic: A PNW Guide to Removal and Prevention

Mouse in Attic

Finding Mice in the attic is a common – undesirable – happening for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. As temperatures drop, mice seek shelter in warm, secluded spaces. Attics offer an ideal shelter for the winter. However, not all attics are made equal. Mice are more likely to inhabit an attic that is easy to access and appear to be left untouched.
If you find that you have mice in your attic or you have no idea what is happening in your attic at all – it may be time to inspect your attic and contact a professional pest control company like Pest Pros to ensure your attic stays pest-free.

What Type of Mice Are Found in the PNW?

The most common types of mice in Washington and Oregon are house mice and deer mice. As a homeowner, you are most likely to encounter mice that are small in size and sneaky in their ways.

House mice grow to about 3 inches in length not including their tail. They are commonly light brown and are distinguished by their pointed heads and medium-sized ears.

Deer mice grow to be about 4 inches in length. They are distinguished by their white underbelly and large ears.

Do not mistake a rat for a mouse. Rats are typically larger than mice and have coarse, thick hair. Learn more about how to tell the difference between mice and rats.

Both types of mice will find their way into your home through small spaces and relentless effort which may include chewing their wires, floors, and wood.

How Do Mice Get Into Attics?

Mice are known to be quite sneaky and smart. They are known to find their way into the tightest of spaces to enter attic spaces. Mice will search for any type of access point including roof gaps, vents, cracks, and holes in the walls.

If you are worried about mice in the attic, you may want to ensure that all possible access points are tightly secured especially going into the fall and winter time. By addressing this potential issue, you can greatly reduce the chances of mice infesting your attic.

Potential Issues Caused By A Mouse Infestation

Mice in the attic bring with them a host of problems. Not only can your house be at risk of damage, but the presence of mice in your attic can raise health risks to you and other residents in the house.

If you find mice in the attic, they may have already created some structural damage to the walls and floors of your house. Mice are known to gnaw on insulation and wires which can create a whole host of electrical issues. The longer the mice gnaw on wires and other electrical cords, the higher the risk of fire hazards.

Mice are filthy animals that can carry germs and diseases with them. Further, once they enter your home their urine and droppings will be found throughout the attic which can create airborne health risks. Cleaning up after mice have infested your attic is not a desirable task.

When it comes to tackling a mouse infestation, professional pest control is invaluable. Pest control experts bring experience and specialized knowledge to ensure effective removal and prevention tailored to the unique challenges of the Pacific Northwest. If you suspect that you have mice in the attic, you will want to contact a professional pest control company like Pest Pros as soon as possible to minimize risk.

Identifying Signs of Mice In The Attic

Looking for telltale signs of a mouse infestation? Recognizing early warnings allows for proactive intervention.

Possible signs you have mice in the attic include:

  • Holes or cracks in the walls and floor of the attic
  • Shredded material used to build nests
  • Scurrying and scratching sounds
  • Droppings
  • Chewed wires, floors, walls, or wood

If you do not see any signs of mice in the attic currently; you should inspect your attic for potential access points. It is also common for mice to nest in your walls. We recommend tending to vulnerable areas of your attic as soon as possible to prevent future mouse infestations.

DIY Mice Pest Control Measures & Prevention

The best way to keep pests out of your house is to prevent them. We recommend that you ensure your home is well-equipped to deal with potential mice infestations in the future. DIY solutions are never as effective as professional pest control. Pair DIY efforts with professional pest control inspections and follow-up services as needed.

  • Sealing Entry Points: inspecting and patching gaps found in the walls, vents, and ceilings creates barriers that discourage mice from entering.
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting the Attic: thoroughly clean and disinfect the attic, including removal of nesting materials and disposal of contaminated insulation. This will discourage mice from establishing a presence.
  • Removing Attractants: proper food storage and regular trash removal eliminate potential food sources and reduce the appeal of your attic to mice.
  • Natural Deterrents: typically include natural essential oils which can be employed to discourage mice from making your attic their home.
  • Traps and Baits: utilizing traps and baits strategically, coupled with an understanding of the types available and their optimal placement, enhances the effectiveness of your DIY efforts.

When To Call In Professional Pest Control

If your attic is infested with mice, DIY efforts will not eradicate the issue alone. Persistent infestation calls for a professional pest control inspection to identify the root cause of the infestation and apply an effective solution.

Not only will professional pest control services provide a more promising solution than DIY efforts, but they will most likely be more cost-effective in the end. Moreover, most pest control companies offer warranties and guarantees that ensure peace of mind, making professional intervention a worthwhile investment.

Contact Pest Pros For Your Mice Pest Control Needs

At Pest Pros, we are dedicated to providing quality and long-lasting solutions to all pest infestations. When you hire us, we are committed to eradicating pests in your residential home or commercial building so that you may have peace of mind. Our team is equipped to help prevent pests from entering your home.

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