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exterminate spiders

Spider Control & Extermination

Spiders in North America can range from harmless to hospitalization.

From Cellar Spiders to Wolf Spiders, our professionals will work with you on the best way to rid these pests from your home or business, eliminating the risk of painful and harmful bites. We’ll seal your home up to keep the creepy crawlies out and spray environmentally-friendly pesticides to prevent them from coming back.

red ant invasion

Ant Control & Prevention

Seeing a few small ants could mean you have a big problem.

Some types of ants can grow their colonies to numbers upwards of 100,000. If you spot ants in your home, you’ll want to call our professionals before the population gets out of control. Our ant control and insecticide services will keep them out for good!

hornet colony

Wasp & Hornet Treatment

Whether its wasps, hornets or bees, stinging insects can get too comfortable around your home.

Pest Pros will find and remove nests, then spray environmentally-friendly insecticide to prevent them from recolonizing.

remove rats from your home

Rodent Control & Extermination

Whether we are talking about rats or mice, they shouldn’t be in YOUR house.

Rodents can carry dangerous diseases and can pose a hazard to your health, as well as create problems when they nest in your walls or find the food stored in your pantry. Our rodent removal, trapping, exclusion, and extermination services will keep your home safe and critter-free!

Rodent Exclusion

If unwanted pests have made their way into your crawl space, basement, or attic – our team at Pest Pros can help remove rodents such as mice and rats.

Once the rodents or larger animals are removed from your home, our partners at Crawl Pros offer rodent exclusion services to prevent rodents and other animals from re-entering your crawl space, basement, or attic.

With Pest Pros, You’ll Always Know Who’s Working on Your Project

When you hire us for pest control services we send our best employees to remove the pests in your space, from rodents to insects. Our guys are true pros, and have over 50 years combined experience in pest control and extermination services. They’re bonded and insured of course, so you can trust them to handle pest removal and extermination on your property. But more than that, they’re wonderful people – very courteous and respectful. We just wouldn’t feel comfortable sending anyone else to work in and around your home to block pest access and take preventative measures to discourage pests from showing up again. Hopefully that makes your job of deciding which pest company to hire a little easier, too. We want our experience together to be the best you’ve ever had!

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We own several duplexes, and houses, and would not recommend anyone else. The technicians that cleaned our crawl space were outstanding. They did a great job, were professional, and very polite. I could not have been more pleased!










Pest Protection and Treatment for Your Home

Using environmentally responsible pest control materials and methods, we take all necessary precautions when treating in and around your home. Beginning with the exterior of your property (where most problems with pests and rodents initially manifest), we not only form a barrier between pests and your home; we maintain it. If an infestation exists indoors, we then take the time to carefully inspect the area and determine the best way to proceed with an innovative yet conservative treatment method.

What Our Customers Say

“They did a very thorough job, even in the difficult to access areas!! I saw a spot afterwards where a rodent had chewed its way back in before I could get traps put out. They came out the next day to reinforce those areas and rechecked the entire space, even did a couple additional things I hadn’t mentioned in the punch list. Overall I had a great experience with Crawl Pros and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services!! Thanks again!”

Areas We Serve

Seattle | Puyallup | Olympia | Marysville | Tacoma | Federal Way | Everett | Lake Oswego | Portland

Coming Soon: Boise, ID & Denver, CO

Areas We Serve

Seattle | Everett | Marysville | Tacoma | Puyallup | Lake Oswego | Portland

Coming Soon: Boise, ID & Denver, CO

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