A Guide On How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

Dealing with bed bugs is not fun – no matter the size of the infestation.

Despite the common belief that bed bugs are a major worry that homeowners may face in their homes, it is much more likely to find bed bugs infesting hospitality establishments.

Bed bugs are known to be incredible hitchhikers. They will catch a ride on luggage, clothing, furniture, and similar movable items. Bed bugs can travel from house to house on used furniture and even internationally from travelers in different countries traveling to and from sleeping establishments.

Whether you are a homeowner with a hunch that you have a bed bug infestation or you work in a place that may be infested with bed bugs – it is advised that you contact a professional pest control company that specializes in bed bugs to identify and help eradicate the infestation.

What Are Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are extremely small flattened pests that are reddish-brown. Bed bugs feast on the blood of animals – or humans when they find their way into sheets and other garments in beds. They move around quickly across surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings. 

Bed bugs are primarily active at night and are extremely resilient to differing temperatures and periods in between meals. This is what makes bed bugs difficult to deal with – leaving bed bugs alone will not rid the problem itself. Bed bugs require eradication to completely remove them from a space.

Bed bugs do not have a nest or any other home base like other pests such as wasps or ants. Instead, they find hiding areas in small crevices to rest in between activity and feeding.

Other species of bed bugs lay directly on other animals such as birds.

Common Misconceptions About Bed Bugs 

There exists a profound misconception that bed bug infestations are predominantly a residential problem – and that they are common to deal with. The presence of these pests extends far beyond the realm of our bedrooms. Bed bugs are commonly found in shared-sleeping areas where different people are coming in and out of the establishments. 

Outbreaks are typically found in places such as hotels, motels, shelters, and dormitories.  

Historically, bed bugs were an issue during WWII and in less-developed countries. Although less common, bed bugs continue to be an issue in the United States.

What Risks Do Bed Bugs Raise?

Once bed bugs enter a single room of a home or a hospitality establishment, they can easily travel from one place to another – infesting multiple rooms of buildings. This creates a major problem for places such as hotels. Once bed bugs find their way into your space, they will spread making it difficult to clear a bed bug infestation.

The health risk of bed bugs typically goes as far as itching and inflammation of the skin. It is highly unlikely for bed bugs to transmit any type of disease to humans as well. Most people do not know when they are being bitten by bed bugs because of their size and lack of immediate sensation or pain. It usually takes a good amount of bed bug bites for a person to suspect they may have bed bugs due to the bumps on their skin.

Although they may not be a huge health threat, bed bugs can be extremely annoying and tedious to get rid of due to their size and how fast they spread.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs are small, they may be hard to directly see in your bed. Along with that – a bed bug bite brings little to no sensation and is barely noticeable at first. Identifying bed bugs early on can be a challenge. 

A few ways you can identify bed bugs:

  • Noticing small patches of skin on your body that is itchy and inflamed
  • Noticing  nearly black spotted stains where bed bugs may have found shelter in your sheets, mattress, box spring, or headboard
  • Small eggs, egg shells, and molten skin in your bedding
  • A slight sweet odor in the room or on bedding

Bed bugs often gather along the seam of the mattress or other tight crevices in your bedding. If you are checking for bed bugs, ensure you take a close look at these areas. If your bed has a wooden bed frame, you will want to inspect your bed frame as bed bugs are keen on fabric and wood. Furthermore, if your headboard is mounted to the wall, bed bugs may be hiding behind the bed frame up against the wall. 

 An apparent odor is not common to occur unless you are dealing with a large infestation.

Inspecting a space for bed bugs is no fun and games. If you find signs of bed bugs in your home or work establishment – you will want to contact a professional bed bug exterminator.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast

Bed bug infestations can be tricky due to the size of bed bugs, their resilience, and how fast they may spread. Since bed bugs hide in small crevices – the area that is being treated for bed bugs must be turned upside down to ensure all small crevices are revealed or emptied. 

Furniture items such as mattresses, couches, and chairs may have to be removed completely from the establishment as they are extremely hard to clear of bed bugs.

Bed bugs may also be found in the crevices of carpet and walls which makes it difficult to target a specific area of a room. 

Bed bug exterminators will first target the known areas and suspected areas to treat the bugs and their eggs. Luckily, bed bugs tend to congregate in groups. However, it is still common to find eggs and lonesome bed bugs spread across an area. 

Powerful flashlights and other tools are used to see small crevices and clear them of the pests to be treated.

Although not desired, it is common that bed bug infestations need several treatments from a bed bug exterminator before they are eradicated.

Bed Bugs Treatments 

Bed bug treatments often take several hours to be completed by a bed bug exterminator.

One way homeowners or hospitality workers can help prepare a space for bed bug treatment is to reveal all small crevices and areas where bed bugs might be. Removing large items away from walls or corners can help reveal bed bugs.

Bedding, clothing, and other infested materials will need to be removed and bagged from the area. The top recommendation is to discard these items from your home as they are usually unable to be cleaned and are hard to remove bed bugs completely from.

Types of bed bug removal efforts include 

  • Vacuuming the bed bugs
  • Steam cleaning carpet to remove bed bugs 
  • Removing and throwing away infected items

Following these efforts, an area must be treated with bed bug sprays, dusts, and aerosols used by professional bed bug exterminators. Every substance used to clear an area of bed bugs is deemed effective and safe by the professionals that use them in their extermination. 

The most efficient way to rid your space of bed bugs is to acquire professional bed bug treatment from a bed bug exterminator.

Bed Bug Treatment Cost

Because of the intensity of a bed bug infestation from the small areas this pest infests to the vast area they may cover – bed bug treatment cost is typically pretty spendy. Additionally, bed bug treatment usually requires several visits before an establishment is free of bed bugs.

Although bed bug treatment costs may be high, it is crucial to hire a professional bed bug exterminator as it is extremely hard to rid a space of bed bugs. If not handled properly, your building may continue to be infested, leaving the space inhabitable.

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