When To Call Spider Control: Stop Spiders From Entering Your House

As the weather warms up in the Pacific Northwest, many homeowners may encounter an uptick in house guests – in the form of eight-legged creatures. While most spiders are harmless and bring plentiful benefits to the environment, having spiders inside your home can be unsettling and can attract more pests into your home.

When Is The Best Time To Prevent Spiders From Entering Your Home?

In the Pacific Northwest, homeowners may spot spiders coming out of hiding as winter closes and the weather begins to turn. Spiders are spotted roaming outside and into homes as early as late April through July. As summer approaches, spiders will be active outside. The most common time for spiders to enter homes is leading into fall as they look for shelter.

So – when is the best time to prevent spiders from crawling across your floorboards? Prevention is the best way to avoid a spider infestation in your home. The late summer and early spring can be a great time to contact a pest control company to help integrate simple and effective solutions into your home to prepare it for the busy season.

Most pest control companies offer regularly scheduled pest control appointments that focus on inspection and prevention for all pests in your area. Pest Pros recommends regularly scheduled pest control every other month. 

If your home has seen an uptick in pests, it may be time to invest in pest control. When you find a trustworthy spider control partner, not only is your home set up for success through regular maintenance but you can have peace of mind knowing you have an expert on speed dial if you encounter a spider infestation this year.

But wait – what if you already have a spider infestation? The sooner you contact professional spider control, the better! Pest Pros is here to help Seattle & Portland homeowners rid their homes of pests. Contact us today.

Signs You Need Spider Control

  • Increased spider sightings: spiders will find their way into your home just about anywhere – however, they are most commonly found in basements, attics, corners of rooms, and cluttered areas. 
  • Increased spider webs: Where this is a web, there is a spider. Look for webs in corners, under furniture, and in secluded areas.
  • Bites or Skin Irritation: While most spiders are not harmful to humans, some species can bite if they feel threatened. If you or your family members are experiencing unexplained bites or skin irritation, it’s best to have your home inspected for spiders.
  • Increase in other pests: Spiders often enter homes in search of food. If you notice an increase in other insects like flies, mosquitoes, or ants, it could indicate a spider infestation.

Types of Spiders in the Greater Seattle & Greater Portland Area

The Pacific Northwest is home to a variety of spiders. Some spiders are more likely to enter your home than others. It is good to familiarize yourself with the types of spiders in your area to understand the risk. Luckily, most spiders in our area are not poisonous.

Most common spiders in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Cellar Spiders
  • Giant House Spiders
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Orb Weaver Spiders
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Yellow Sac Spiders

As you enjoy your yard this spring, you may encounter garden spiders and many other pests roaming around. If these spiders and insects are not causing harm to you or your home, we recommend you let them co-exist. These pests play a vital role in ecosystems that span yards, forests, and beyond.

Not sure what type of spider you keep spotting in your home? A  pest control professional can help!

How Spider Control Can Help

Spider Control Service

Professional spider control companies deal with pests daily. They know the best solution to rid an infestation from your home for good. Professionals will first identify the type of spider in your home and their entry points. They will then recommend the best way to eradicate the current spiders and the most effective way to keep spiders from returning. Read our article, how to get rid of house spiders to learn more about the spider control process.

When you spot spiders, you can leave it up to the professionals to remove spiders from your home and prevent them from finding their way back in. Professional spider control services are available for residential properties and commercial properties.

As a Homeowner, What Can You Do Before Calling Spider Control?

Spring cleaning is good for a multitude of reasons! Trimming the vegetation around your home and cleaning up clutter around the outside of a home can prevent pests from residing a little too close for comfort. Maintaining a clean and decluttered home can also help keep your home free of spiders.

As the weather warms, you may enjoy house doors open allowing the breeze to flow through your home. Using proper screens in doors and windows can help keep spiders out of your home. 

Pest Pros: Your Spider Control Experts

Don’t let spiders take over your home this spring or fall. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to spider control. By being proactive, you can enjoy a spider-free home.

If you see signs of a spider infestation, contact Pest Pros for professional spider control services. Our team of licensed professionals will do the dirty work for you. If you want to prevent spiders from entering your home, our team is ready to provide the most effective solution to maintain a worry-free environment. Receive a free estimate by filling out the contact form or give us a call at (866) 686-3118 to to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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