If you are from the Pacific Northwest or just now putting your anchor down in the area, you’re certainly in for a treat when it comes to nature! Seattle and Portland are home to various different types of evergreen trees and other native greenery. Unfortunately for homeowners in the area, however, a strong ecosystem of foliage also means a strong population of animals, insects, and other natural living creatures — which can all make their way into your home.

Whether you are a homeowner in a major city, a suburban area, or on the outskirts of a town, you will most likely be sharing the land with these creatures. This is especially true in the spring when odorous house ants awake from their diapause to find their food source is washed clean of sugar in rainy weather and they’re driven indoors on a hunt for sugary substances. It’s at this point that odorous house ant infestation services from a local professional like Pest Pros becomes necessary.

Odorous House Ant Infestation Services

Pest Pros provides infestation services that can rid your home or office of odorous house ants. We use environmentally friendly methods to eliminate ant colonies, and we create a barrier between your home and the ants, so they can’t penetrate. Odorous house ants benefit the ecosystem when they stay outside your home, but when they wander indoors, they exist more so to annoy or disgust the home’s human inhabitants than offer any benefits. Once they’re inside, it can be difficult to root out their nests because only a small percentage of ants are actually foraging at any one time (and the rest are back at the nest somewhere). Our professional team of pest control experts will be sure to locate the precise location of any ant nests and eliminate them as an issue.


Discover an Odorous House Ant Infestation? Contact Pest Pros.

Getting rid of odorous house ants, or really any pest infestation, can be incredibly nuanced; unless a homeowner has an expert understanding of the behavior of each species of pest, the infestation often returns or worsens after DIY attempts, frustrating the homeowner and making it more difficult for a pest control company to resolve the issue once they’ve been called. Odorous house ants can be particularly tricky as the smell they emit when killed can signal other ants to leave their nests and swarm your home. 

The only sure way to eliminate odorous house ants is by contacting a professional pest control company like Pest Pros. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have, and we can even give you a quote on a pest control service you might need.